Is Matchmaking Unfair?

Jump to content. Liamv, on 19 February – AM, said:. First top tier game after 15 tier ten games in a row, this is the result, looking forward to more tier eight games :. All I can say is stick with it. Haven’t really that much tier 10 battles on my tier 8s lately. But I guess I’m just lucky. I always get hit in the ammo rack when I try. Death, on 20 February – AM, said:. Spawnster, on 20 February – AM, said:.

Changes and optimization in the German tech-tree

Another useful information. Many such a thing here. Best matchmaking – find. Game is a player support partners contribute with matchmaking chart is rigged.

Time to consider matchmaking Russia’s favorite new Armata tank with America’s Military pictures of German tanks of World War II from panther to Jagdtiger.

The new mode will allow you to compete in six-on-six-player matches. There are a total of 18 ranks, and each one has a unique name in addition to the rank number, such as Fresh Meat Rank 1 or Death Merchant Rank In addition to ranks, you could also gain a gold, silver or bronze medal in each game based on your contributions in one of five categories: score, kills, damage, healing and support.

In order to actually participate in Competitive Mode, you will need to have a Premium Account. If you bought an item from the in-game Mann Co. Store or purchased a retail copy of the game before it was free, you have a Premium Account. The rules for Competitive Mode are slightly different than your usual Team Fortress 2 game.


Today we want to talk to you about upcoming changes to the German Ground Forces tree with update 1. K , all of which have historical elements, but were never fully built. The Maus heavy tank also causes serious issues due to the impossibility of balancing it properly in the current gameplay situation. All these vehicles will stay on the main tree for all players that have purchased them already.

You will also be able to complete research if you started the research before 1. All these changes will take effect in update 1.

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Asked by BesniqVoinik2. Hi guys I recently start my career as tanker and now I’m wondering how does the matchmaking work? If I use light armor will I be matched against light armor tanks or it is random? In staged, you will always get matched versus the same class lights vs lights, heavy vs heavy. Because they both basically perform equally, You’ll often find Tank destroyers and Medium tanks available in the same match. In war, it all depends on which assault teams have been sent in by generals.

Here you might encounter heavy tanks tanks while driving your light. War mode should be avoided as a tanker in general, especially if you are new to tanking. Thank you for your answer.

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Jump to content. IS3 and the tiger 2 gets the same mm. You are just extremely biased and wrong, nothing unique but it’s getting quite tedious with all the threads of people being wrong popping up.

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Tiger II Matchmaking

The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

Tiger matchmaking – Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. is about the bovington tank in the tiger as far, tiger ii could be from

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Tiger 2 matchmaking is a joke?

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Preferential matchmaking chart, ii and d2 you finish the past and looks at top tier 4 If you pay, the addition of tanks’ improved matchmaker tank pzkpfw vi tiger it.

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The King Tiger Captured is an American tier 7 premium heavy tank. During World War II, all sides used captured enemy armored vehicles, painting them in the standard colors of their army as soon as possible and applying clearly visible markings to minimize the risk of “friendly fire”. This vehicle was used by the 2nd Company of the th Heavy Panzer Battalion and was hit near Aachen in November On December 15, , the vehicle was put into operation and filmed by American combat cameramen.

This video was included in a movie collection devoted to the European Theater of Operations in which the U. Army took part.

Learn how to set up your expedition and freeplay sessions in Anthem so you can play with friends or take on missions alone.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Every “unfair” bit of matchmaking is completely fair. Even if you don’t like the fact that tier 5s see tier 7s but not tier 3s, when you drive a tier 7, its ‘unbalanced’ in your favor, instead of against you. Driving tier 6s in tier 8 games is just part of the game, because when you drive your Tiger II against VK You may only have four of each tier, so you have to have some tier 8 tanks in tier 10 games to fill the team lists.

So, 5 out of 7 I must just smash my head on the table? The matchmaking is totally random and it’s a mess, but I think that that’s exactly how they want it to be. Sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it’s very unfair. Sometimes it’s unfair to the enemy team and sometimes its unfair to your team. It’s basically like pulling the handle on a slot machine.

Popcorn Monkey Tiger Movie Review : A film for lovers of gore and the underworld

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I drive a Tiger 1 and T20, and I usually end up with tier nines. A tiger or I find that I play blitz less now because of the matchmaking. I meant that i wanted it to not be possible to get into matches with tanks 2 above your tier.

Controversially I think the MM is okay. Sometimes you get good teams, sometimes bad. Sometimes you’re top, sometimes not. Sometimes you dominate, sometimes you don’t. I’m agree with that. I prefer playing a game with a fair MM rather than a roulette one. I still do not like the tierspread. It’s okay for a tds,arties and lights to play against higher tiers since their taktiks still work, even though they might be less effective.

But for heavies it’s absolutely horrible to end up as low- or midtier. Of course they still can do some damage but it’s impossible to play them like a heavy and actually lead an attack, break through enemy lines or just soak up some shells. In wowp it’s even worse. There’s just no way how you could win against a similar skilled player in a higher tier plane.


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